About Me

I'm Carmen Coats and I'm the owner and creator of Hemingway&Hardy. My business started with a spark of an idea and a dream. I found a few designer buttons on Etsy, made them into earrings, and Hemingway&Hardy was born!

Since then, my dream has taken a new and very exciting turn. As the button business got more crowded and the prices of buttons went up, I knew it was finally time to fulfill my dream of being a true jewelry designer. I made some calls, found some new sources, designed a new logo, and created the new Hemingway&Hardy. I'm so excited to see the company that I imagined coming to life. 

Inspired by my childhood in the South Carolina Lowcountry, each piece is hand selected and designed to be equally timeless and elegant. My hope is that my jewelry will be worn for years to come and always give the wearer a sense of classic style that she can't find anywhere else. 

I live with my husband and daughter and a very large Sheepadoodle named Hardy in Fort Mill, SC, a suburb of Charlotte, NC. My favorite food is champagne and I'd rather take naps than eat. Designer fashion has always been a love of mine, so I'm thrilled to bring a little bit of sparkle to everyone's wardrobe...one piece of jewelry at a time!